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As I prepare to open my studio and start teaching in a hall (yeah!), I wanted to offer you some guidance.

It includes exactly what necessary to safeguard us all, and answers potential questions you may have about procedure and equipment.


At the top and bottom of this page there are 2 forms, please complete and return prior to your arrival. 

If you have been asked to self-isolate or have recently travelled to an area in lockdown or from abroad please inform me of this. If you have consequently had a test following either of these scenarios then please send me a copy of the results by email prior to the appointment/class. As without this the appointment/class would have to be rescheduled.

Likewise, if I have been asked or need to self-isolate for any reason then I will inform you of this immediately. Appointments and classes will therefore be rescheduled until a negative test result has returned.  I will first try to find a cover yoga teacher and if I have to cancel the class will refund you accordingly too. You will be informed of this via the Whats Ap group.


There will be a 15 minute gap between all classes to allow for cleaning and ventilation of the room, and to avoid crossover between students, just in case I’m running a bit late you know why. The hall will be open from 15 minutes before class if you wanted to stagger your entry feel free.


Although it is not necessary for you to wear a mask during yoga, if you feel happier wearing one, feel free. For Indian Head Massage, it is recommended that only I need to wear a mask, but again if you feel happier wear one too.

To a hall class and to the studio please bring your own mats, blocks and straps. If it is your first visit, I can provide your equipment if you are happy with this.  If you would like to purchase yoga equipment from me please let me know in advance and I can order them in.  At this time I can’t provide any props for you to borrow.


Please come to the studio at the time of your appointment (or 5 mins before no more) to avoid cross over with other students. If arriving early please wait outside in the garden. Feel free to come through the side gate. There is usually ample parking and you can park to the bay right outside my home.



There is no one way system in and out of the hall so please be considerate to others and observe social distancing as you enter and leave. There is a track and trace QR code on the window outside the main door, please download the NHS app and scan this as you enter, if you don't use the app I will need you to complete a track and trace form inside.

Alcohol gel (no Gin!) will be provided to use when entering the hall/studio.

Windows or doors will be opened to allow for maximum ventilation, If you feel the cold easily or it is a cold day, please bring a freshly laundered towel or blanket or extra sweater with you especially for relaxation.

Before and after each session all areas including floor, equipment, door handles, and WC (if used) will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised. The WCs are at the back of the hall, as you come into the building turn left. Turn right to go straight to the yoga hall.

Mat Layout:

When entering the hall place your mats to the far side of the hall to the front, working from front to back, so the last person in the room is by the door. A safe mat distance is 1.5 mat widths between mats sideways and 1/3 mat length distance between top and bottom of mats. There will be markers to show your mat placements. 


You will need to leave your shoes and bags by the side of your mat. 

I will not be doing any hands on adjustments as a rule, or a third eye massage just yet, but we will get there soon and it will be worth the wait.


You will need to bring ALL mats and props with you. I do have a limited stock of spare props for sale and can bring with me upon request in advance.


Sensible Health Measures

If you are feeling unwell, have a temperature or potential Covid symptoms, please  call or email me at in advance and I can send you online joining details so you can join a recorded class from home. I won't be zooming and live teaching at the same time as I want to be focused on just the people in the hall. I can send you a similar class. If you develop symptoms after attending an in person class and you are tested positive for Covid-19 after attending a class (within two weeks) you must notify me immediately, saying the date and time you were here.

Until we meet across a non virtual yoga mat, please fill out the forms and return. 

Emma x

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