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Starts Sept 13th 2021

WEIGHTS, for all stages of menopause and peri-menopause

 I am delighted to continue sharing our collective knowledge and to bring you a new yoga nutrition & weights programme alongside Hannah Crabtree (Nutritionalist) and Emily Green (Personal Trainer).


We will be holding a 21 day plan with the aim to guide you with knowledge, movement plans, weight workouts and a new yoga schedule. There will be up to date research that we can share, top easy tips that you can easily implement into your life  to help keep your hormones happy and ease the symptoms of pre/ peri and menopause. 

With many of these symptoms resembling the same as those of stress, anxiety and depression often GP's (and not all)  prescribe anti-depressants, which may be great for some, but not all.  We have some alternative ideas that may help. 

These fantastic, holistic plans are designed to restore your energy levels, help you sleep, clear your skin, improve your digestion, prepare you for night sweats, keep your body in a better balance as the oestrogen and progesterone levels in our body begin to upset the natural balance of our internal selves. We plan to bring back this  balance, leaving you feeling HAPPIER, MORE AWARE of your body and HOW TO MANAGE things so you feel more like your better self.

There' s NO CALORIE COUNTING, NO PLANS OR CLASSES THAT YOU HAVE TO DO  just simple, nutrient rich, easy-to-prepare, tasty recipe options in a convenient meal plan, together with a varied and enjoyable yoga, weights and mind movement programme - all of which you can follow from the comfort of your own home.

Sign up now for the Early Bird Price of £75 thats just over £3.95 a day! (normally £85)

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What is included?

  • A delicious seasonal recipe pack with lots of choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

  • Daily recorded yoga and weights and rest , yes REST sessions for you to do at your own pace.

  • Health and energy questionnaires and guidance on how else you can assess your progress.

  • Daily nutrition tips, yoga tips and weight work advice to help keep you on track and motivated​

  • You will be part of a fabulous like-minded community to support and inspire you to reach your goals, share recipes or even have a moan about this menopause  stage of our lives, or share your joy if you are feeling on top of of it all. 

  • Two zoom LIVE support and Q&A sessions that are tailored to your needs.

Register your interest 

STARTS 13th September 2021 click to sign up on Hannah's Page

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